Thursday, November 4

i just found annilygreen's etsy site through rockstar diaries (you know, perfect couple with a perfect dog who live a cool, perfect life). im green with envy for these zipper wallets. ill also take a pillow and that green print. GREAT STUFF.

Tuesday, November 2

wallpaper dreaming

i love the all the possibilities a new apartment/ home hold. we still need a kitchen table, bed, a few lamps, and credenza (just to mention the basics), but since i got rid of all my dishes and have adopted all of pete's bachelor-ware our kitchen leaves something to be desired.

check out elsa and sam and makelike. someday ill have a wall to wallpaper - until then ill just dream of makelike's lush and succulent patterns.

Friday, July 9


all i want lately are gold necklaces (faux gold since im on a budget and i wouldnt know what to do with real jewelry if i had any). pete just gave me this laura lombardi piece for our 2 month anniversary to add to my collection. her stuff is amazing. i also really love these letterpress letter necklaces. i cant decide if i should go with a "p" for pete, an "e" for erika, or an "s" to mourn the loss of my maiden name. suggestions?

Tuesday, May 11

mr. and mrs. pete

we did it! took the plunge that is. and it was really FUN! also palm springs was pretty great too. we aced x 2 (new york and palm springs) and wouldnt have had it any other way. back to normal life now..... and by that i mean sleeping in late, making oatmeal and watching all the shows ive been behind on.

Monday, February 1


i think EVERYONE knows by now... but pete and i are engaged! we are very excited. also we have set a date and made some arrangements today. we will be having a small family wedding at freemans restaurant in nyc! also weve decided on magnolia cupcakes for dessert. so many reasons to celebrate!

Monday, December 21

window shopping (online)

how sweet. sanna annuka also has beautiful prints .warning: theyre about 200 pounds = a lot of us dollars : /

i really love this necklace. macha actually has quite a few pieces id wear.