Monday, March 31

homeless aloneness

well ive moved AGAIN. this is my 5th move in the last year. good memories of this time last year- moving out of the ranch by myself to leucadia. glad im right where i was a year ago. ha. and the only reason im calling all of you so often is cause the aloneness has taken over and im trying not to let it. so put up with my phone calls about nothing just for a week more..... please.

Wednesday, March 26

a good goodbye

last week in the apartment/loft ive paid too much for during the last 3 months in this unlivable city.... not going to miss it in the least, not the hard wood floors, the GIGANTIC closet, the beautiful, well equipped kitchen, flat screen tv, the thieving neighbors, the creepy rambunctious man across the hall, the long walk to the scary parking garage that ive also paid too much for, not the malfunctioning elevators or even the starbucks downstairs. downsizing is okay if it means out of here. leaving san diego yesterday was the worst yet, i hope that means staying will be the easiest yet.

Monday, March 17

frequent flyer

i feel like ive been flying a lot recently (well not really, but enough) and id like to make a few comments (for the record):
1. why exactly do we need to take our shoes off? and could we all agree to wear slip ons so as not to slow up the line through security
2. pda is fine in the terminal but once we're all in our small, too close for comfort seats, could the kissing and groping be kept to a minimum - we can all see where your hands are.
3. if you have a bladder problem, dont select a window seat
4. denver airport needs a starbucks
5. keep your personal conversations at a low volume, i dont need to hear how debra is stealing your clients at the office
6. if you can't fit in the seat - buy two, i paid for my seat and stay with in the arm rests, you should too
7. make airport pick up friends where ever you go. parking in economy and driving yourself home after flying is sort of depressing and walking through the parking lot in the dark is shady.
on that note..... see you guys in cardiff on saturday. i know,  its pretty crazy.