Tuesday, February 26


well, im i finally made it HOME (one of two, west and east). and its great. surprised brie sunday morning with heathers help. went to meeting saw all my good friends - joy and stu, cafarellas, carmella, mary, and of course kris, the mattsons, ortiz's, ethan and everyone else too. after mtg had dinner with jason and madison and the ortiz/ mazzocco families and then went and saw be kind rewind (its a renter - dont waste 10.50 on it - thats right san marcos raised their movie prices by a dollar - LAME). then i had a sleep over with pug. then monday i did errands, moved out a little (hid from the crazy landlord at the old apartment), chased mr. tibbs back into the house, got a job (yay! day job in san diego - EXCITING), picked up pug - she rolled the windows down and let her ears blow in the warm sunny breeze as we drove along 101, then picked up brooklyn and did a little shopping - saw a major local crush of mine, then had pizza at brie and nics and watched a movie. tuesday we went to the car wash and saw lauren sheehy - good to catch up and made some possible travel plans, next went out in service - sunny and warm again - loved it. then went to naked cafe with ethan and brie for my favorite breakfast ever. saw another crush (mike morrissey) at the table behind us (tried not to stare). THEN went to nordstrom rack with brie and bought a TON of stuff...... now im getting ready for tuesday family dinner and then the meeting (co visit - br. misterfield is great). hopefully after some quality time with the mattsons and heather at a little place called saloon, and maybe the shanty and maybe kenos (but it is only tuesday). SO GOOD to be back. im dreading leaving tomorrow.....

Friday, February 22

the denver routine

work. sleep. work. sleep. day off of work. sleep. work. im becoming a hermit. its best to stay in when everything outside is crappy (thats what i think anyways). reading a lot. watching some good movies/ tv series. knitting. getting ready to GET AWAY. found some good steals at tjmaxx today. thats really it. heather please visit - and everyone else too.

Monday, February 11


sushi den at 1487 pearl st HAS to be the best restaurant in denver... it was the best sushi ive EVER had.... amazing food, a strong drink and great atmosphere.... only missing an attractive date

valkommen till vart hem

we had a really nice stay at breckenridge - yesterday was a perfect cake day : sunny skies, groomed trails (east coast style like we like it) and great people watching- thank you breckenridge. watched the movie sicko last night and i may be heading up to canada in the near future..... did a little shopping this morning at the scandia butik where i met "karl." he helped me pick out this amazing mug for my grandpa (mor far) herb and i splurged for this sign i hope to hang in my next apartment (dont worry kris itll stay in my room). then i bought some really interesting yarn at tea time quilting & stitchery and ive already started new legwarmers. last day with the family - were going to sushi den (rated the best restaurant in denver - we'll see) for dinner tonight.

Thursday, February 7

hey family

family is here. mom, step dad matt, and an old friend, who, well..... is family. val and i went for sushi last night and caught up and laughed over good times.... then i drove back to the airport to pick up my parents.... very tired today but after a LONG day of slow work i came home and cooked salmon and brussel sprouts and for dessert carrot cake and yellow tail riesling (my new favorite wine from target - cheap/good). happy tenth anniversary! the best part of the night was watching flight of the conchords as a family on the couch. looking forward to breckenridge and vail this weekend. by the way my mom wanted me to tell my friends you're invited to come stay up there with us.... so you're invited (i don't think she realizes its 16 hrs away for most of you).

Sunday, February 3

good news

the station wagon is back! ive never loved driving more.  and i FINALLY made a decent friend out here thanks to regan. she likes to knit, watch movies and drink wine. AND she took me to a nba basketball game saturday night (i secretly like going to live sports events)! pretty exciting. well more to come about this im sure.