Monday, November 23

Wednesday, November 18

ill take it!

we could use this im sure.

oh maine, i love you so

im missing home today. cold weather is in my blood! i want to be all bundled up in scarves and wool socks and such. these houses are awesome. and they're in MAINE (the way life should be).

Tuesday, November 17

lounging around

ive had some free time as of late....wish i were on a real vacation, but im on a budget so ive been spending long days lounging at home. not complaining. last night i made spinach and parmasean soup and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (mentioned here with recipe. oh and ive been adding coconut lately - around one cup, extra tasty). great combination on a cold california night. i watched d- tour yesterday on, a documentary about the drummer from rogue wave who needs a kidney transplant.... it sounds boring but was SO GOOD. i laughed and cried and would recommend it to everyone. you can catch it here online. pete and i went for a bike ride to balboa park yesterday and had lunch. such a fun mid week date. we have plans for a sunset bike ride tonight (and then nunus!).