Thursday, September 24

get on the cowl bandwagon already

this is a picture of one of my favorite bloggers, check out what she's wearing..... get yours at my etsy shop! also look at this mysterious skateboarder .... i think i might know him.

Tuesday, September 22

etsy shop

guess what, i have started an etsy shop! check it out HERE!

whoa new york

just arrived home from a last minute trip to new york to visit pete. ended up on a 2 day business meeting with a bunch of guys.... and it was fun! we went to all my favorite ny spots (so far) including freemans for brunch ( i hate the bartender but everything else was fantastic), highline park and then found some new favorites; korea town (surprisingly fun/tasty), shake shack (best cheeseburger but beware of the shirley temple ice cream), and public (great food and drinks and even better company). also ate at land - good deal for a great price.

awesome seeing dustin ortiz and meeting his collegues (thank you for the drinks and meals and fun). great accomodations (thank you jess and coco). im exaughsted. poor pete had his tonsils, adenoids removed and septum repaired (nose job), and is painfully recovering.

Monday, September 14

monday monday

ive got a case of the mondays and im not even at work! i like this bat for lashes cover. oh and last night i watched commune, a documentary about a hippie commune in northern california started in the 60's. really interesting. you can find it on netflix.

Sunday, September 13

alright alright alright alright

here's something for everyone who asked! i like these things: