Wednesday, April 29


these two made a pretty cute kid. congradulations molly and ryan! im already smitten with him.... so many good beach days/ fun kid activities to come!

Tuesday, April 21

i lykke li you

she was amazing. afternoons were pretty good too.

Monday, April 20

quilts and dresses

ive been wanting to learn how to sew (more than a pillow) for some time now, before my roommate moved in i even deemed the extra room in my place a "craft room" (dont laugh) with thoughts of getting a sewing maching and expanding my yarn collection..... hey it could still happen! well this quilt is inspiring and really rad (id like it for my room to off set ALL the green). also im now on the search for one dress to wear to two events - i dont think id get sick of this one by heidi merrick - actually im sure i wouldnt - but its $$$$.

Tuesday, April 14

check out reform school!

these posters are so neat! id really like the first one for an entry way and the second for my dp (domestic partner) and i to hang in our place. check out reform school!

a few likes

here are a few things i found while spending unusual amounts of time "creeping" around on the internet. 1) i love this knitted necklace.... 2) even though i have spring fever - i really want these clugs (clogs + uggs = clugs..... come one sherpa lined clogs!! ill need a pair for the cold california winters) 3) the caption to this onsie read "if bunnies and teddy bears aren't really your thing..... " which reminds me of molly my pregnant friend whose gonna pop any day now! i was ready to purchase this but it was out of stock!

Thursday, April 9

i like this

i think im gonna bring back 1) braids 2) ultra blonde hair 3)furrrrrr. (not leather pants. weird. never wore them in the first place.)

Saturday, April 4

lets get biking!

so spring is here.... my bike is out of storage (with two flat tires to repair) and even though its just a lame beach cruiser, im ready to get back on it! (and i like these bikes/ fur hats)

Thursday, April 2

i wanna learn how to upholster stuff

check out these before and afters at design sponge. and i thought my shower curtain was cool....