Monday, December 15

clog accident and cookware

funny story. it starts with a lot of rain, needing to wear appropriate rain gear as i was going out to scout for new cookware (domesticating is REALLY fun, ive had an odd love for le creuset pots since my mom got one back in 1998, its red and its a staple in our kitchen when soups and stews and mashed potatoes are made. im interested in the lemongrass collection - which i have been finding at tjmaxx lately - score), i have a pair of rain boots but i dont like going shopping in them cause their super squeaky, so i put my clogs (they keep you perfectly high enough off the groud so your pants dont get wet). then i was driving at about 40 mph down el camino real and something was in my shoe (you know how annoying that is) so i take my clog off figuring i have enough time to shake it out and put it back on..... then the truck in front of me slows down A LOT and im struggling to put my clog on and (long story short) i go over a curb at about 40 mph, and just keep going cause my car can usually handle that sort of thing (its happened before). the truck in front of me later rolls down his window at the stop light and is waving at me mouthing "are you alright?" i give him the thumbs up (and im laughing), then he does the 'your crazy' hand motion (you know making a circular motion at the temple of your head)! i found that pretty hiliarious. well i got out of the car and there was some minor front bumper damage - oh well. good news : i added to my le creuset collection with a white teapot. thank you homegoods.

Monday, December 8


this answers that. (brings a smile to my face everytime).