Tuesday, March 31

movie night!

"i dont want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member."

annie hall was the feature film for our first official "movie night." furniture was rearranged, dinner was prepared (spaghetti and italian sausage), dessert was served. it was a success - im pretty sure this is the start of a weekly tradition.... but next time we'll invite other people besides threes company.

Monday, March 30

best dog in the world

the love of my life (so far anyways) jack the dog's, life ended today. he was really the best dog in the world. so cute, so loving, and was a HUGE part of our family. everyone that knew jack loved him. he will be missed.

Thursday, March 19


now who wants a neckwarmer? and a woman named sveta knitted this..... check out some other pieces here.

Wednesday, March 11

too milkmaid

now this is "TOO MILKMAID" but i love it anyhow (and i think if a friend describes my outfit/hair accessory as too milkmaid again - im gonna go with it).

last night i watched "surfwise" a documentary jojo heard/found out about - and it was really pretty good. makes me feel indulgent when a family of 11 can survive on less than i do in a week - they were pretty radical though. it is thought provoking and entertaining so check it out!

Monday, March 9

nothing to worry about

peter bjorn and john have a new single! im so happy. i think you may know i love love love their music (im pretty sure i told jojo the other day "if i ever get married, young folks might be my wedding song" she scoffed and said she wouldnt come to my wedding if it were). the song is great, the album, living thing, doesnt come out until may 31st! but what a great way to start summer.

in other news; tascha's getting married! june 21st (i never thought she could be tamed, i guess i was wrong). so today i have to go try this on.

Thursday, March 5

she's crafty

i really never wanted to be a "crafter" BUT im feeling pretty... crafty these days. martha stewarts craft department has their own blog! but they arent sharing anything great (gotta save those gems for the magazine - ugh). i did see these needle point works, which reminded me of one of many only-childhood-pastimes of mine.... i may need to revisit needle point to make a gift for my new domestic partner's room. oh yeah and thats not weird, just two girls rooming together and being domestic.

also this baby sweater is SO RAD! molly (my dp's sister and my close friend) is getting ready to be a first time mom. her only complaint about having a boy is that their baby clothes arent as cute as girls. wouldnt i be a great friend if i could pull of this sweater? im still working on the baby blanket, but since the little guy wont need a sweater til fall, i should have plenty of time to figure this out.

Monday, March 2

i want to go to there

having a relaxing monday morning which includes oatmeal, blog creeping, and tea. i found this amazing hotel on someone else's blog, even though she went to palm springs, i wanna check out the portland version. anyone for a long weekend?