Monday, December 21

window shopping (online)

how sweet. sanna annuka also has beautiful prints .warning: theyre about 200 pounds = a lot of us dollars : /

i really love this necklace. macha actually has quite a few pieces id wear.

Thursday, December 3

Tuesday, December 1

kitchen/ hallway love

if youve see my kichen wall color, you know im down with bright greens and so i love this kitchen. my mom's in town! can't wait to do family things. yay!

Monday, November 23

Wednesday, November 18

ill take it!

we could use this im sure.

oh maine, i love you so

im missing home today. cold weather is in my blood! i want to be all bundled up in scarves and wool socks and such. these houses are awesome. and they're in MAINE (the way life should be).

Tuesday, November 17

lounging around

ive had some free time as of late....wish i were on a real vacation, but im on a budget so ive been spending long days lounging at home. not complaining. last night i made spinach and parmasean soup and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (mentioned here with recipe. oh and ive been adding coconut lately - around one cup, extra tasty). great combination on a cold california night. i watched d- tour yesterday on, a documentary about the drummer from rogue wave who needs a kidney transplant.... it sounds boring but was SO GOOD. i laughed and cried and would recommend it to everyone. you can catch it here online. pete and i went for a bike ride to balboa park yesterday and had lunch. such a fun mid week date. we have plans for a sunset bike ride tonight (and then nunus!).

Thursday, October 29

wants / needs / wants

lets face it, if you haven't been on a budget in the last year, you're totally rich. yesterday when driving around with some friends, this kid reminded me of my "bawler days.... you know when you use to go shopping on all your days off." i miss those days sometimes, cause worrying about money can really get old. oh well, recession, you're not letting up are you? these are some things i would have "springed" for in the old days.

plaid shirt - opening ceremony

plaid shift - surface to air

blue dress - ever

clog/heel - a detacher

Thursday, September 24

get on the cowl bandwagon already

this is a picture of one of my favorite bloggers, check out what she's wearing..... get yours at my etsy shop! also look at this mysterious skateboarder .... i think i might know him.

Tuesday, September 22

etsy shop

guess what, i have started an etsy shop! check it out HERE!

whoa new york

just arrived home from a last minute trip to new york to visit pete. ended up on a 2 day business meeting with a bunch of guys.... and it was fun! we went to all my favorite ny spots (so far) including freemans for brunch ( i hate the bartender but everything else was fantastic), highline park and then found some new favorites; korea town (surprisingly fun/tasty), shake shack (best cheeseburger but beware of the shirley temple ice cream), and public (great food and drinks and even better company). also ate at land - good deal for a great price.

awesome seeing dustin ortiz and meeting his collegues (thank you for the drinks and meals and fun). great accomodations (thank you jess and coco). im exaughsted. poor pete had his tonsils, adenoids removed and septum repaired (nose job), and is painfully recovering.

Monday, September 14

monday monday

ive got a case of the mondays and im not even at work! i like this bat for lashes cover. oh and last night i watched commune, a documentary about a hippie commune in northern california started in the 60's. really interesting. you can find it on netflix.

Sunday, September 13

alright alright alright alright

here's something for everyone who asked! i like these things:

Sunday, July 5

i love produce

went to the hillcrest farmer's market this morning! bought strawberries, cherries, a HUGE artichoke, dinosaur kale (hooray its back in season!!!) skinny asparagus and small flowering zucchinis (trying out this recipe). i met zach there and we stood in line for crepes (for way too long) but they were pretty tasty and there was great people watching. its a nice way to start the week so i hope to go more often this summer.

Friday, July 3


hello california! thanks pete.... oh and hello new york!

Thursday, July 2

the tallest man on earth

jojo (dp/ roommate) is always saying "have you ever heard (name of band/singer)?" then she shares a little music with you and her opinions (usually a very passionate love for whatever shes just brought to your attention). for this i am grateful because tuesday night we saw the tallest man on earth (who was NOT the tallest man on earth or even close - ironic name) at the casbah (my first time there! friends have been telling me id love this place for years - cant believe it took so long to check it out). he was amazing, great voice, guitar playing talents, and easy to look at! listen to him. my favorite songs : the gardener, king of spain. also nadia and jojo and i were being silly and took these pictures before we left the house.... hey its summer.

Thursday, June 25

watermelon salad

since it feels like summer is on its way, tonight i made watermelon salad. i had this for the first time with pete at sweetwater. we recreated once and its probably one of my all time favorite things to eat now. here's how;

into a large bowl mix together these ingredients
cube fresh watermelon (seedless is best, i used half a watermelon)
slice or dice half a red onion
chop up about half a cup of fresh mint leaves
add about half a cup of kalamata olives
add half a cup of feta cheese
splash in some red wine vinegar
add about half a quarter cup of olive oil
squeeze in the juice of one lemon
s&p to taste (careful the feta's salty)

so good!
i served it with homemade pizza (goat cheese, caramelized onions, white mushrooms, arugula, and basil with an olive oil/garlic base)!

Monday, June 22

new york, connecticut, maine (trains, planes and automobilies)

this weekend we ended up on a tour of the northeast (kind of). this is what happened; plane delays, late night hot dogs and wine, sleeping in in the east village (thank you jacob and jody), lunch in the park, great people watching, bus to hartford, dinner with the panciera's and then a trip to their awesome farm/ family compound, breakfast (delicious french toast casserole included), made a new friend (molly the dog), drove to maine, lunch at flatbread pizza in portsmouth (i could eat there everyday I think), stop at blinking cone (not opened, booooo), browns ice cream, goodbyes at the house, childhood photo albums (where this picture of me was rediscovered), friendly toast with friends!, breakfast at black bean (new but not improved, i liked the old shop phil .... sorry), meeting, grocery shopping at carls meat market, golden harvest, taylor lobster, cooking chicken under a brick and blackberry buckle, and steaming lobsters, eating, rainy walk, rainy drive, quick send off on the fun wah bus. FUN WEEKEND. lets do it again soon.

Thursday, June 11

i made pickles this morning and they're delicious! this is how:

a large splash of apple cider vinegar
a small splash of balsamic vinegar
a small splash of maple syrup
a few pieces of sliced fresh ginger
a dash of white pepper
a dash of garlic powder
2 ish spoonfuls of brown sugar
a healthy portion of salt
and pepper!

cut up the cucumber (or other vegetable) place everything inside a glass jar, stir everything up, cover and leave them on your counter for 4 - 6 hrs. so good!


i know just where ill put this.

Thursday, June 4

loves and likes

im in love with these sheets! dwell studio really knows how to win me over. if i could swing them, i would, but i cant. also i like these shoes, and this necklace (it says "from the bottom of my heart" in latin.... perfect, perfect). on my last trip to nyc i purchased this yellow dress from brooklyn industries, and i love it! the whole store was great... i want to go back when i go back. looking forward to this weekend and then a visit home to maine in two weeks! i hope to see family and friends, visit the toast, and the coast and possibly score some of this.

Tuesday, May 12


so its been awhile. i went to new york last weekend (last last weekend i guess) and had so much fun. if you want to know more go here . and now im looking forward to a last minute trip back to new york with my dp, roommate, favorite friend, jojo. we cant wait! we also are coming back to life after what may have been the worst cold/flu/disease ive ever experienced. i attribute her mother - barbara's, homemade green enchiladas and peanut butter cookies to our turn around. also i whipped up a batch of ginger tea while we watched little women (a very nostalgic movie of my childhood). so easy, so good, and it really cures.

ginger tea

into about 8 cups of water add one medium sized ginger root sliced thinly, the juice of about 3-4 lemons, and generous portion of honey. then boil ingredients for .... awhile. then serve! ( tip: the longer you boil the ginger root the spicier the drink)

also check out this amazing coffee cup with a pocket (click on the picture to enlarge)! what would you put in there? and then this apple sweater. both of these items are probably not practical but are pretty rad, by my definition anyway.

Wednesday, April 29


these two made a pretty cute kid. congradulations molly and ryan! im already smitten with him.... so many good beach days/ fun kid activities to come!

Tuesday, April 21

i lykke li you

she was amazing. afternoons were pretty good too.

Monday, April 20

quilts and dresses

ive been wanting to learn how to sew (more than a pillow) for some time now, before my roommate moved in i even deemed the extra room in my place a "craft room" (dont laugh) with thoughts of getting a sewing maching and expanding my yarn collection..... hey it could still happen! well this quilt is inspiring and really rad (id like it for my room to off set ALL the green). also im now on the search for one dress to wear to two events - i dont think id get sick of this one by heidi merrick - actually im sure i wouldnt - but its $$$$.

Tuesday, April 14

check out reform school!

these posters are so neat! id really like the first one for an entry way and the second for my dp (domestic partner) and i to hang in our place. check out reform school!

a few likes

here are a few things i found while spending unusual amounts of time "creeping" around on the internet. 1) i love this knitted necklace.... 2) even though i have spring fever - i really want these clugs (clogs + uggs = clugs..... come one sherpa lined clogs!! ill need a pair for the cold california winters) 3) the caption to this onsie read "if bunnies and teddy bears aren't really your thing..... " which reminds me of molly my pregnant friend whose gonna pop any day now! i was ready to purchase this but it was out of stock!

Thursday, April 9

i like this

i think im gonna bring back 1) braids 2) ultra blonde hair 3)furrrrrr. (not leather pants. weird. never wore them in the first place.)

Saturday, April 4

lets get biking!

so spring is here.... my bike is out of storage (with two flat tires to repair) and even though its just a lame beach cruiser, im ready to get back on it! (and i like these bikes/ fur hats)