Thursday, June 25

watermelon salad

since it feels like summer is on its way, tonight i made watermelon salad. i had this for the first time with pete at sweetwater. we recreated once and its probably one of my all time favorite things to eat now. here's how;

into a large bowl mix together these ingredients
cube fresh watermelon (seedless is best, i used half a watermelon)
slice or dice half a red onion
chop up about half a cup of fresh mint leaves
add about half a cup of kalamata olives
add half a cup of feta cheese
splash in some red wine vinegar
add about half a quarter cup of olive oil
squeeze in the juice of one lemon
s&p to taste (careful the feta's salty)

so good!
i served it with homemade pizza (goat cheese, caramelized onions, white mushrooms, arugula, and basil with an olive oil/garlic base)!

Monday, June 22

new york, connecticut, maine (trains, planes and automobilies)

this weekend we ended up on a tour of the northeast (kind of). this is what happened; plane delays, late night hot dogs and wine, sleeping in in the east village (thank you jacob and jody), lunch in the park, great people watching, bus to hartford, dinner with the panciera's and then a trip to their awesome farm/ family compound, breakfast (delicious french toast casserole included), made a new friend (molly the dog), drove to maine, lunch at flatbread pizza in portsmouth (i could eat there everyday I think), stop at blinking cone (not opened, booooo), browns ice cream, goodbyes at the house, childhood photo albums (where this picture of me was rediscovered), friendly toast with friends!, breakfast at black bean (new but not improved, i liked the old shop phil .... sorry), meeting, grocery shopping at carls meat market, golden harvest, taylor lobster, cooking chicken under a brick and blackberry buckle, and steaming lobsters, eating, rainy walk, rainy drive, quick send off on the fun wah bus. FUN WEEKEND. lets do it again soon.

Thursday, June 11

i made pickles this morning and they're delicious! this is how:

a large splash of apple cider vinegar
a small splash of balsamic vinegar
a small splash of maple syrup
a few pieces of sliced fresh ginger
a dash of white pepper
a dash of garlic powder
2 ish spoonfuls of brown sugar
a healthy portion of salt
and pepper!

cut up the cucumber (or other vegetable) place everything inside a glass jar, stir everything up, cover and leave them on your counter for 4 - 6 hrs. so good!


i know just where ill put this.

Thursday, June 4

loves and likes

im in love with these sheets! dwell studio really knows how to win me over. if i could swing them, i would, but i cant. also i like these shoes, and this necklace (it says "from the bottom of my heart" in latin.... perfect, perfect). on my last trip to nyc i purchased this yellow dress from brooklyn industries, and i love it! the whole store was great... i want to go back when i go back. looking forward to this weekend and then a visit home to maine in two weeks! i hope to see family and friends, visit the toast, and the coast and possibly score some of this.