Monday, December 15

clog accident and cookware

funny story. it starts with a lot of rain, needing to wear appropriate rain gear as i was going out to scout for new cookware (domesticating is REALLY fun, ive had an odd love for le creuset pots since my mom got one back in 1998, its red and its a staple in our kitchen when soups and stews and mashed potatoes are made. im interested in the lemongrass collection - which i have been finding at tjmaxx lately - score), i have a pair of rain boots but i dont like going shopping in them cause their super squeaky, so i put my clogs (they keep you perfectly high enough off the groud so your pants dont get wet). then i was driving at about 40 mph down el camino real and something was in my shoe (you know how annoying that is) so i take my clog off figuring i have enough time to shake it out and put it back on..... then the truck in front of me slows down A LOT and im struggling to put my clog on and (long story short) i go over a curb at about 40 mph, and just keep going cause my car can usually handle that sort of thing (its happened before). the truck in front of me later rolls down his window at the stop light and is waving at me mouthing "are you alright?" i give him the thumbs up (and im laughing), then he does the 'your crazy' hand motion (you know making a circular motion at the temple of your head)! i found that pretty hiliarious. well i got out of the car and there was some minor front bumper damage - oh well. good news : i added to my le creuset collection with a white teapot. thank you homegoods.

Monday, December 8


this answers that. (brings a smile to my face everytime).

Thursday, November 20

a sad goodbye

i brought a pair of faux ostrich leather boots, my favorite pair of boots (you know the ones), to tiny's shoe repair in carlsbad today. a little asian woman comes from around the corner and i show her the boots asking for new soles (i bought these boots used on a whim, didnt know id wear them constantly, the soles would crack and let water and snow in, or that i loved them so much id wear them anyway - wet feet and all). after looking at them she says "not worth it." i say "how much though? i really love these boots." she says "$75 each shoe." then explains to me the process of re-sole-ing boots and that it would take her husband 3-4 hrs. then after this terrible news, and refusing to fix them, she says, "you just go to nordstrom rack, they have nice boots there." i dont want other boots, i think to myself, i want THESE boots. oh well - another pair bites the dust

Tuesday, November 18

instructions for everyday life

im a late-comer on many things. my mom gave me the "ready made" book - i leafed through it and gave it to a friend (stupid), now realizing that I LOVE READY MADE. im not a subscriber to anything right now, and after franticly looking for it in the magazine section at the book store on two separate occasions (only to find it in 'mens interests' - odd), ive decided to subscribe. why? because when you live in a 10 x 10 bedroom you tend to dream of bigger spaces and how to fill them, and since im not naturally creative (lets be honest) its nice to have fun projects suggested. things this magazine has nudged me towards learning;

1> sewing
2> making home made yogurt
3> collecting
4> basic woodwork (you know nails, hammers and maybe some sort of saw)
5> gardening
6> various crafts (like this diorama in the picture)

thats just after two magazines....

Thursday, November 6

we come from a place where we count the days

this is the worlds largest dala horse (in sweden). i want to have my picture with it some day.... some day soon. winter is fast approaching, i even saw a holiday starbucks cup the other day (i love gingerbread anything, and peppermint anything too), with that said - its time to lock down some travel plans - everyone around me is always shooting out ideas for trips and visits to here and there, well lets buy some tickets already! so far the list is; vancouver, WA / portland, OR, maine, new york, finland/other parts of scandinavia, mammoth, big sur/ san fran, and salt lake city. there not all going to happen so lets pin a few down..... are you with me?

Monday, November 3

tonight is the night

ive been looking forward to november 3rd for a couple months now. my favorite new, always in the mood for, musician is in town (well los angeles, close enough). LYKKE LI. (ive even got my mom listening to her.) i'm down one friend and looking a replacement. but honestly, id go alone tonight, im pretty excited
oh and check this out too

Saturday, October 25

ami ami! (knit knit in japanese)

busy saturday morning for me.... feverishly knitting, i dont know why i love it so much, but i do and my yarn basket is full with half started projects and new skeins, so it is time to get busy. some day when i get one of these i want to spin and dye my own yarn, but for now this japanese (noro is the brand - they have rad colors) cotton/silk/wool/nylon blend will do.

Tuesday, October 21

eggs for dinner

i went out on a limb today and cooked a real, from scratch, meal. i was intrigued by a recipe i saw on this blog and decided to go for it (scroll down to Wednesday, October 15th for the recipe). IT WAS AMAZING. sounds kind of odd but ended up being so delicious. give it a try.

Thursday, October 16

gem of a link

i just used "shank" in a written sentence and then thought "oh no, what if that means something i don't think it does." so i googled it. and found it to mean what i thought BUT also found this gem.
you might loose twenty minutes or so looking up phrases/ words like i did. my favorite: creeper stash ; a thin, usually dark and greasy mustache just above the top lip, resembling that of a stereotypical mexican person. (no offense meant). also all versions of creep/ creeper are worth checking out like creepbook ( a word used to describe the dark side of facebook where people can basically stalk someone if they really wanted to. ), creeperific (to be creepy in a sorta a terrific way.). well have fun.

winner, winner!

congratulations to leanne marshall! i loved her from the very start (her bangs, her glasses, and her home town), and couldnt be happier. heres a few of her looks from her show:
now if i could just get my hands on one of her creations.... many thanks to tim and lauren for hosting
the finale party (part 2) !

Sunday, October 12

good listening

i know, i know. . . shes a red head but jenny lewis might be my favorite red head (no offense, but c'mon they're all a little .... ). ive been a fan of her for a few years now, rilo kiley is one of my top ten favorite bands, and i even endured her paring with the watson twins, BUT acid tongue is an amazing album. my favorite songs; "godspeed," "acid tongue," "trying my best to love you." its fall and getting chilly (even in california) and this music accompanies my want for camp fires, staying in to knit, and movie days. also i really enjoyed "the duchess" a period film that had me on the edge of my (lonely) seat in the theater, and it inspired me to dig my fur stole out of storage.

Wednesday, September 17

"whats your name?"

not even close. my all time favorite starbucks name botching was "eriker." i must mumble in the morning BUT i especially appreciate that whoever was writing what they thought was my name, realized i was a girl somewhere in the process and scratched out "aaron" for a more the appropriate feminine version "erin." can't really blame them - i was wearing sweatpants and glasses (which give me a shim/ goy/ heshe look - sadly).

Wednesday, September 10

santa barbara

i had a great time in santa barbara with my mom at the oceana hotel (notice the rad avocado pillows and orange headboards); pool. breakfast. scrabble (i won 6/7 games and even beat nadia once - so proud). rat cat dog man. good wine. argentinian food. nadia visited saturday ("i want to feel 'the poke'" - nadia ) so now im back to the grind.... and by the way, a HUGE congradulations to molly and ryan prange on their upcoming child! cant wait til that kid is here - working on some unisex knits for it right now (the black sheep is stocking great tweeds and heathered yarns for fall).

Thursday, August 28

pool party

what a night. great house, swimming. hot tubbing (spa), good friends (old and new), good words, creepy kids taking pictures, new found love for dodos (or "the dodos" not sure), glad everyone showed up - hope it was worth it.

Sunday, August 24

we need this. thanks.

Monday, August 18

"i'm a lady"

yes you are santogold.
i never claim to be on top of what's "hip" and "new," and this is probably old news to all of you, BUT im really enjoying santogold, she's just what my summer needed. thank you thank you.

Tuesday, August 12

i swore, SWORE, id never revisit this blog, but recently a good friend mentioned "thatbirdisaliar needs some love." so ill wrap up this summer, and mention the latest going ons.
this has been the BEST summer ive had in years. beach days, pool days, new friends, new places and all the good things that come along with them. mostly its been nice to lounge with intelligent ladies that also enjoy doing nothing. missed a couple trips that might have enriched my life - but im pretty sure staying behind in san diego did just the same. not sure what this winter will hold, (should i stay or should i go?) but its got to be better than last.
great new things:
* tart frozen yogurt (taro) anytime
* the starlite mule (refreshing)
* noro yarn (japanese - great colors, great texture)
* lykke li
* myers clean day lavender scented anything (not new, but revisited)
* molly's gin and tonic (the one and only)
* nut the dog
* $12.50 straight leg jeans from a little place i can't share
* scripps la jolla (cleanest hospital in san diego)
* san diego friends

Monday, March 31

homeless aloneness

well ive moved AGAIN. this is my 5th move in the last year. good memories of this time last year- moving out of the ranch by myself to leucadia. glad im right where i was a year ago. ha. and the only reason im calling all of you so often is cause the aloneness has taken over and im trying not to let it. so put up with my phone calls about nothing just for a week more..... please.

Wednesday, March 26

a good goodbye

last week in the apartment/loft ive paid too much for during the last 3 months in this unlivable city.... not going to miss it in the least, not the hard wood floors, the GIGANTIC closet, the beautiful, well equipped kitchen, flat screen tv, the thieving neighbors, the creepy rambunctious man across the hall, the long walk to the scary parking garage that ive also paid too much for, not the malfunctioning elevators or even the starbucks downstairs. downsizing is okay if it means out of here. leaving san diego yesterday was the worst yet, i hope that means staying will be the easiest yet.

Monday, March 17

frequent flyer

i feel like ive been flying a lot recently (well not really, but enough) and id like to make a few comments (for the record):
1. why exactly do we need to take our shoes off? and could we all agree to wear slip ons so as not to slow up the line through security
2. pda is fine in the terminal but once we're all in our small, too close for comfort seats, could the kissing and groping be kept to a minimum - we can all see where your hands are.
3. if you have a bladder problem, dont select a window seat
4. denver airport needs a starbucks
5. keep your personal conversations at a low volume, i dont need to hear how debra is stealing your clients at the office
6. if you can't fit in the seat - buy two, i paid for my seat and stay with in the arm rests, you should too
7. make airport pick up friends where ever you go. parking in economy and driving yourself home after flying is sort of depressing and walking through the parking lot in the dark is shady.
on that note..... see you guys in cardiff on saturday. i know,  its pretty crazy. 

Tuesday, February 26


well, im i finally made it HOME (one of two, west and east). and its great. surprised brie sunday morning with heathers help. went to meeting saw all my good friends - joy and stu, cafarellas, carmella, mary, and of course kris, the mattsons, ortiz's, ethan and everyone else too. after mtg had dinner with jason and madison and the ortiz/ mazzocco families and then went and saw be kind rewind (its a renter - dont waste 10.50 on it - thats right san marcos raised their movie prices by a dollar - LAME). then i had a sleep over with pug. then monday i did errands, moved out a little (hid from the crazy landlord at the old apartment), chased mr. tibbs back into the house, got a job (yay! day job in san diego - EXCITING), picked up pug - she rolled the windows down and let her ears blow in the warm sunny breeze as we drove along 101, then picked up brooklyn and did a little shopping - saw a major local crush of mine, then had pizza at brie and nics and watched a movie. tuesday we went to the car wash and saw lauren sheehy - good to catch up and made some possible travel plans, next went out in service - sunny and warm again - loved it. then went to naked cafe with ethan and brie for my favorite breakfast ever. saw another crush (mike morrissey) at the table behind us (tried not to stare). THEN went to nordstrom rack with brie and bought a TON of stuff...... now im getting ready for tuesday family dinner and then the meeting (co visit - br. misterfield is great). hopefully after some quality time with the mattsons and heather at a little place called saloon, and maybe the shanty and maybe kenos (but it is only tuesday). SO GOOD to be back. im dreading leaving tomorrow.....

Friday, February 22

the denver routine

work. sleep. work. sleep. day off of work. sleep. work. im becoming a hermit. its best to stay in when everything outside is crappy (thats what i think anyways). reading a lot. watching some good movies/ tv series. knitting. getting ready to GET AWAY. found some good steals at tjmaxx today. thats really it. heather please visit - and everyone else too.

Monday, February 11


sushi den at 1487 pearl st HAS to be the best restaurant in denver... it was the best sushi ive EVER had.... amazing food, a strong drink and great atmosphere.... only missing an attractive date

valkommen till vart hem

we had a really nice stay at breckenridge - yesterday was a perfect cake day : sunny skies, groomed trails (east coast style like we like it) and great people watching- thank you breckenridge. watched the movie sicko last night and i may be heading up to canada in the near future..... did a little shopping this morning at the scandia butik where i met "karl." he helped me pick out this amazing mug for my grandpa (mor far) herb and i splurged for this sign i hope to hang in my next apartment (dont worry kris itll stay in my room). then i bought some really interesting yarn at tea time quilting & stitchery and ive already started new legwarmers. last day with the family - were going to sushi den (rated the best restaurant in denver - we'll see) for dinner tonight.

Thursday, February 7

hey family

family is here. mom, step dad matt, and an old friend, who, well..... is family. val and i went for sushi last night and caught up and laughed over good times.... then i drove back to the airport to pick up my parents.... very tired today but after a LONG day of slow work i came home and cooked salmon and brussel sprouts and for dessert carrot cake and yellow tail riesling (my new favorite wine from target - cheap/good). happy tenth anniversary! the best part of the night was watching flight of the conchords as a family on the couch. looking forward to breckenridge and vail this weekend. by the way my mom wanted me to tell my friends you're invited to come stay up there with us.... so you're invited (i don't think she realizes its 16 hrs away for most of you).

Sunday, February 3

good news

the station wagon is back! ive never loved driving more.  and i FINALLY made a decent friend out here thanks to regan. she likes to knit, watch movies and drink wine. AND she took me to a nba basketball game saturday night (i secretly like going to live sports events)! pretty exciting. well more to come about this im sure. 

Wednesday, January 30

leaving the house

its been a lame few days (sickness and well some laziness too) but im leaving the house right now AND im not wearing sweatpants (its tempting not caring what you look like here because no one else does, and my sweatpants are a lot nicer than most peoples regular clothes here in downtown denver - not bragging, its just a fact)  so i might see a movie or go read magazines at the bookstore. either way its the most excitement ive had all week.  and im missing you guys a ton.

  i really want one of these.

Tuesday, January 29

pulling my hair out because

im still carless. ira at prestige audi hears from me EVERY day - and every day he says the same thing -"we're just getting the parts on and then...... hopefully tomorrow." ira im sick of your lies. your inability to accomplish a task is impeding (to retard in movement or progress by means of obstacles or hindrances; obstruct; hinder) my life in a large way. HURRY UP IRA!

ive just been sitting around my apartment and taking walks around scary downtown denver trying not to spend money. i can't wait to have my station wagon back in working order cause then im out of here. the mountains got feet of snow last night, i need to get there.

Friday, January 25

old japanese ski bums

nothing great to report today BUT i did just drop my toothbrush into the toilet.... bummer. also i met an amazing japanese family today. the aunt and uncle of my patient are 84, 88 and still ski! unbelievable! they were headed up to aspen on monday for their annual winter ski luau.... really though these people were incredible, they both seemed to enjoy life and their attitudes were outstandingly positive. this is why i love the elderly and in turn my job. going back for more tomorrow  

Thursday, January 24

encinitas, colorado

i did make it to boulder yesterday. it was pretty great.... i felt like i was in a cold encinitas/santa cruz at the foot of a mountain range. pretty great. they even had a juanita's mexican food! should have moved there... 

upsetting news: i left my ipod in taschas car. hopefully she had enough sense to grab it before taking off for boston... otherwise i hope she'll overnight it. i can't take another taxi with out it. 

Wednesday, January 23

waiting around

woke up at 1040 this morning, lounged around, got some quarters at the bank to do laundry, went to starbucks for coffee, and am currently sitting on the couch waiting for tascha to get back from aspen (cause she wouldn't wait for me to go with her). im carless and have been taking yellow cab taxi to and from work ($14 each way). work is going well, so busy but the day goes by fast and i feel like a real nurse again. im drinking a lot of caffiene (im off sugar again) so falling asleep isn't easy - especially when people are banging around in the hallways of my apt building. suppose to go to boulder today with tascha, if she ever gets here.

Monday, January 21

its just math

had the opportunity to talk to an old friend last night. and he sent along these good words:
"good people do exist...and there has to be RAD JDUBS because you being the only one is not possible...its just math." thanks friend.

also received a card from my mom with a quote that reads "home is not where you live, but where they understand you" - christian morgenstern. im not sure where that is but thanks mom.

im missing maine and california. things i miss (no particular order):

1- my family and jack
2- people who wear clogs
3- the alaska girls and ac 2d
4- ceres street /all of portsmouth
5- friendly toast with friends
6- the ocean/ rocky coast
7- breaking new grounds
8- black bean coffee with mom
9- the golden harvest experience
10- winding roads

1- my other family/friends
2- pannikin
3- pug and cider
4- tuesday night dinners
5- capn kenos
6- seeing the ocean everyday
7- coffee with kris
8- falling asleep on brie and nics couch
9- whistle stop
10- knowing people

Sunday, January 20

lazy sunday

so tascha's in town and we're up to our old ways. thats right pajamas, tea and movies. good to have a familiar face around. as we were falling asleep tascha had the privaledge of hearing drunk kids screaming profanities in the alley next to my apartment building. oh city life. always exciting. we did find a parking garage to sneak in and out of for free - great accomplishment.

i do miss the big white mornings already. making coffee with dean, watching price is right and listening to everyone hack up a lung. hope you all start feeling better soon.

Friday, January 18

nobody likes a goodbye

last day with the ortiz/mazzacco/sheehy families at the cabin/chalet in big white, canada. to recap:

1. everyone's sick but me
2. i fell in the shower on tuesday
3. we've played scrabble and cards and watched a few movies (well i fell asleep)
4. had a big spill yesterday - hurt my knee and threw up breakfast on the trail
5. everyone's sick but me

tonight we're going to try and fit in: ice skating, a sleigh ride, drinks and packing - unlikely.

oh and prior to this trip i was in seattle/ bellingham for lukes wedding. fun times. good to see everyone and stirred up old feelings of capn' kenos (sad).

im NOT looking forward to returning to denver. so far not so good. although some friends of friends are coming to town.... i'll hope for the best. tascha will (hopefully) be picking me up at the airport, and staying for 10 days (more to come).