Tuesday, May 12


so its been awhile. i went to new york last weekend (last last weekend i guess) and had so much fun. if you want to know more go here . and now im looking forward to a last minute trip back to new york with my dp, roommate, favorite friend, jojo. we cant wait! we also are coming back to life after what may have been the worst cold/flu/disease ive ever experienced. i attribute her mother - barbara's, homemade green enchiladas and peanut butter cookies to our turn around. also i whipped up a batch of ginger tea while we watched little women (a very nostalgic movie of my childhood). so easy, so good, and it really cures.

ginger tea

into about 8 cups of water add one medium sized ginger root sliced thinly, the juice of about 3-4 lemons, and generous portion of honey. then boil ingredients for .... awhile. then serve! ( tip: the longer you boil the ginger root the spicier the drink)

also check out this amazing coffee cup with a pocket (click on the picture to enlarge)! what would you put in there? and then this apple sweater. both of these items are probably not practical but are pretty rad, by my definition anyway.