Friday, February 27

little bit

i love everything about this woman. her toggle coat, black tights, tambourine, this song, the mini bells she pulls out, mostly this live music video, but really everything about her.

Tuesday, February 10

woo hoo!

i had trouble starting off today - tea wasnt cutting it, so i gathered some change and walked over to royal food mart for some really good coffee when i heard,"woo hoo...... woo hoo!" i look up five stories at an elderly living apartment complex, to see an old man in his baby blue bath robe waving at me. i say "hello!" and wave back when he says, "beautiful lady, beautiful day!" i love the elderly and well, they love me too - thanks old man. anyways this place had really good coffee (like i mentioned) and is only two blocks away - its pretty breezy here today but i sat outside in the sun - eavesdropped on some conversations and did a crossword puzzle - a good morning.

Monday, February 9


fresh and clean


dark and depressing

Sunday, February 8

sleepy sunday

woke up LATE this morning and headed to the hillcrest farmer's market with my "twin" molly (random man making turkish coffee says, "we dont have decaf .... are you twins?"). we ate some "street tacos" and drank mexican fruit water and walked around looking at (but not buying) organic local produce. it was overwhelming and next time im bringing a bag and making a list. i did buy a green chile tamale, probably good - havent tried it yet.

last night jojo and i went to see matt & kim at the loft in la jolla. there were no adult beverages served because, well there were no adults. brought us back to our teen years as we were jumping around in a sweaty crowd singing along to our favorite songs - good show, but made me feel OLD (thanks to tnel, "hey come on you guys and the old girls"). then to in and out where i first learned about the packaged green peppers - a secret my old california friends have been keeping from me.

Tuesday, February 3


what a weekend. i made the semi annual trip home to maine last thursday to celebrate my parents 11th anniversary. my stepfather and i surprised my mom really good - she was totally shocked to see me at 7 am on friday, big eyed and saying "what?!" what did we do for the weekend? went to all the usuals - all my favorite missed places (trolled around in clogs the whole time with out being ridiculed - such a luxury); locos coco's tacos, just the thing (cheap antique store), tjmaxx (sounds crazy but i always make out really well there), beach pea (bakery), the golden harvest (produce mart), and last but not least .... taylor lobster.

saturday night we had quite the feast. corn chowder (made by yours truly), sauteed kale (too healthy for my family - but grandpa and i enjoyed it), and lobster and butter (both steamed and baked - i say steamed but the baked version was pretty decent). then we tried to stay up for saturday night live, but lets be honest - this was like my thanksgiving and after a full stomach and some wine, its hard.

sunday was followed by more family time and coffee with some old married friends (who i still miss and love).

monday i made grandpa some breakfast and jack (dog) and i said our goodbyes (i give him potates and cheese and he remembers and loves me next time i come). then we drove down to newburyport and had some thai food before my parents sent me off on my way back out west. it was a great flight and i was met by good friends on the other side.