Saturday, October 25

ami ami! (knit knit in japanese)

busy saturday morning for me.... feverishly knitting, i dont know why i love it so much, but i do and my yarn basket is full with half started projects and new skeins, so it is time to get busy. some day when i get one of these i want to spin and dye my own yarn, but for now this japanese (noro is the brand - they have rad colors) cotton/silk/wool/nylon blend will do.

Tuesday, October 21

eggs for dinner

i went out on a limb today and cooked a real, from scratch, meal. i was intrigued by a recipe i saw on this blog and decided to go for it (scroll down to Wednesday, October 15th for the recipe). IT WAS AMAZING. sounds kind of odd but ended up being so delicious. give it a try.

Thursday, October 16

gem of a link

i just used "shank" in a written sentence and then thought "oh no, what if that means something i don't think it does." so i googled it. and found it to mean what i thought BUT also found this gem.
you might loose twenty minutes or so looking up phrases/ words like i did. my favorite: creeper stash ; a thin, usually dark and greasy mustache just above the top lip, resembling that of a stereotypical mexican person. (no offense meant). also all versions of creep/ creeper are worth checking out like creepbook ( a word used to describe the dark side of facebook where people can basically stalk someone if they really wanted to. ), creeperific (to be creepy in a sorta a terrific way.). well have fun.

winner, winner!

congratulations to leanne marshall! i loved her from the very start (her bangs, her glasses, and her home town), and couldnt be happier. heres a few of her looks from her show:
now if i could just get my hands on one of her creations.... many thanks to tim and lauren for hosting
the finale party (part 2) !

Sunday, October 12

good listening

i know, i know. . . shes a red head but jenny lewis might be my favorite red head (no offense, but c'mon they're all a little .... ). ive been a fan of her for a few years now, rilo kiley is one of my top ten favorite bands, and i even endured her paring with the watson twins, BUT acid tongue is an amazing album. my favorite songs; "godspeed," "acid tongue," "trying my best to love you." its fall and getting chilly (even in california) and this music accompanies my want for camp fires, staying in to knit, and movie days. also i really enjoyed "the duchess" a period film that had me on the edge of my (lonely) seat in the theater, and it inspired me to dig my fur stole out of storage.