Thursday, August 28

pool party

what a night. great house, swimming. hot tubbing (spa), good friends (old and new), good words, creepy kids taking pictures, new found love for dodos (or "the dodos" not sure), glad everyone showed up - hope it was worth it.

Sunday, August 24

we need this. thanks.

Monday, August 18

"i'm a lady"

yes you are santogold.
i never claim to be on top of what's "hip" and "new," and this is probably old news to all of you, BUT im really enjoying santogold, she's just what my summer needed. thank you thank you.

Tuesday, August 12

i swore, SWORE, id never revisit this blog, but recently a good friend mentioned "thatbirdisaliar needs some love." so ill wrap up this summer, and mention the latest going ons.
this has been the BEST summer ive had in years. beach days, pool days, new friends, new places and all the good things that come along with them. mostly its been nice to lounge with intelligent ladies that also enjoy doing nothing. missed a couple trips that might have enriched my life - but im pretty sure staying behind in san diego did just the same. not sure what this winter will hold, (should i stay or should i go?) but its got to be better than last.
great new things:
* tart frozen yogurt (taro) anytime
* the starlite mule (refreshing)
* noro yarn (japanese - great colors, great texture)
* lykke li
* myers clean day lavender scented anything (not new, but revisited)
* molly's gin and tonic (the one and only)
* nut the dog
* $12.50 straight leg jeans from a little place i can't share
* scripps la jolla (cleanest hospital in san diego)
* san diego friends