Thursday, November 20

a sad goodbye

i brought a pair of faux ostrich leather boots, my favorite pair of boots (you know the ones), to tiny's shoe repair in carlsbad today. a little asian woman comes from around the corner and i show her the boots asking for new soles (i bought these boots used on a whim, didnt know id wear them constantly, the soles would crack and let water and snow in, or that i loved them so much id wear them anyway - wet feet and all). after looking at them she says "not worth it." i say "how much though? i really love these boots." she says "$75 each shoe." then explains to me the process of re-sole-ing boots and that it would take her husband 3-4 hrs. then after this terrible news, and refusing to fix them, she says, "you just go to nordstrom rack, they have nice boots there." i dont want other boots, i think to myself, i want THESE boots. oh well - another pair bites the dust

Tuesday, November 18

instructions for everyday life

im a late-comer on many things. my mom gave me the "ready made" book - i leafed through it and gave it to a friend (stupid), now realizing that I LOVE READY MADE. im not a subscriber to anything right now, and after franticly looking for it in the magazine section at the book store on two separate occasions (only to find it in 'mens interests' - odd), ive decided to subscribe. why? because when you live in a 10 x 10 bedroom you tend to dream of bigger spaces and how to fill them, and since im not naturally creative (lets be honest) its nice to have fun projects suggested. things this magazine has nudged me towards learning;

1> sewing
2> making home made yogurt
3> collecting
4> basic woodwork (you know nails, hammers and maybe some sort of saw)
5> gardening
6> various crafts (like this diorama in the picture)

thats just after two magazines....

Thursday, November 6

we come from a place where we count the days

this is the worlds largest dala horse (in sweden). i want to have my picture with it some day.... some day soon. winter is fast approaching, i even saw a holiday starbucks cup the other day (i love gingerbread anything, and peppermint anything too), with that said - its time to lock down some travel plans - everyone around me is always shooting out ideas for trips and visits to here and there, well lets buy some tickets already! so far the list is; vancouver, WA / portland, OR, maine, new york, finland/other parts of scandinavia, mammoth, big sur/ san fran, and salt lake city. there not all going to happen so lets pin a few down..... are you with me?

Monday, November 3

tonight is the night

ive been looking forward to november 3rd for a couple months now. my favorite new, always in the mood for, musician is in town (well los angeles, close enough). LYKKE LI. (ive even got my mom listening to her.) i'm down one friend and looking a replacement. but honestly, id go alone tonight, im pretty excited
oh and check this out too