Sunday, July 5

i love produce

went to the hillcrest farmer's market this morning! bought strawberries, cherries, a HUGE artichoke, dinosaur kale (hooray its back in season!!!) skinny asparagus and small flowering zucchinis (trying out this recipe). i met zach there and we stood in line for crepes (for way too long) but they were pretty tasty and there was great people watching. its a nice way to start the week so i hope to go more often this summer.

Friday, July 3


hello california! thanks pete.... oh and hello new york!

Thursday, July 2

the tallest man on earth

jojo (dp/ roommate) is always saying "have you ever heard (name of band/singer)?" then she shares a little music with you and her opinions (usually a very passionate love for whatever shes just brought to your attention). for this i am grateful because tuesday night we saw the tallest man on earth (who was NOT the tallest man on earth or even close - ironic name) at the casbah (my first time there! friends have been telling me id love this place for years - cant believe it took so long to check it out). he was amazing, great voice, guitar playing talents, and easy to look at! listen to him. my favorite songs : the gardener, king of spain. also nadia and jojo and i were being silly and took these pictures before we left the house.... hey its summer.