Wednesday, January 30

leaving the house

its been a lame few days (sickness and well some laziness too) but im leaving the house right now AND im not wearing sweatpants (its tempting not caring what you look like here because no one else does, and my sweatpants are a lot nicer than most peoples regular clothes here in downtown denver - not bragging, its just a fact)  so i might see a movie or go read magazines at the bookstore. either way its the most excitement ive had all week.  and im missing you guys a ton.

  i really want one of these.

Tuesday, January 29

pulling my hair out because

im still carless. ira at prestige audi hears from me EVERY day - and every day he says the same thing -"we're just getting the parts on and then...... hopefully tomorrow." ira im sick of your lies. your inability to accomplish a task is impeding (to retard in movement or progress by means of obstacles or hindrances; obstruct; hinder) my life in a large way. HURRY UP IRA!

ive just been sitting around my apartment and taking walks around scary downtown denver trying not to spend money. i can't wait to have my station wagon back in working order cause then im out of here. the mountains got feet of snow last night, i need to get there.

Friday, January 25

old japanese ski bums

nothing great to report today BUT i did just drop my toothbrush into the toilet.... bummer. also i met an amazing japanese family today. the aunt and uncle of my patient are 84, 88 and still ski! unbelievable! they were headed up to aspen on monday for their annual winter ski luau.... really though these people were incredible, they both seemed to enjoy life and their attitudes were outstandingly positive. this is why i love the elderly and in turn my job. going back for more tomorrow  

Thursday, January 24

encinitas, colorado

i did make it to boulder yesterday. it was pretty great.... i felt like i was in a cold encinitas/santa cruz at the foot of a mountain range. pretty great. they even had a juanita's mexican food! should have moved there... 

upsetting news: i left my ipod in taschas car. hopefully she had enough sense to grab it before taking off for boston... otherwise i hope she'll overnight it. i can't take another taxi with out it. 

Wednesday, January 23

waiting around

woke up at 1040 this morning, lounged around, got some quarters at the bank to do laundry, went to starbucks for coffee, and am currently sitting on the couch waiting for tascha to get back from aspen (cause she wouldn't wait for me to go with her). im carless and have been taking yellow cab taxi to and from work ($14 each way). work is going well, so busy but the day goes by fast and i feel like a real nurse again. im drinking a lot of caffiene (im off sugar again) so falling asleep isn't easy - especially when people are banging around in the hallways of my apt building. suppose to go to boulder today with tascha, if she ever gets here.

Monday, January 21

its just math

had the opportunity to talk to an old friend last night. and he sent along these good words:
"good people do exist...and there has to be RAD JDUBS because you being the only one is not possible...its just math." thanks friend.

also received a card from my mom with a quote that reads "home is not where you live, but where they understand you" - christian morgenstern. im not sure where that is but thanks mom.

im missing maine and california. things i miss (no particular order):

1- my family and jack
2- people who wear clogs
3- the alaska girls and ac 2d
4- ceres street /all of portsmouth
5- friendly toast with friends
6- the ocean/ rocky coast
7- breaking new grounds
8- black bean coffee with mom
9- the golden harvest experience
10- winding roads

1- my other family/friends
2- pannikin
3- pug and cider
4- tuesday night dinners
5- capn kenos
6- seeing the ocean everyday
7- coffee with kris
8- falling asleep on brie and nics couch
9- whistle stop
10- knowing people

Sunday, January 20

lazy sunday

so tascha's in town and we're up to our old ways. thats right pajamas, tea and movies. good to have a familiar face around. as we were falling asleep tascha had the privaledge of hearing drunk kids screaming profanities in the alley next to my apartment building. oh city life. always exciting. we did find a parking garage to sneak in and out of for free - great accomplishment.

i do miss the big white mornings already. making coffee with dean, watching price is right and listening to everyone hack up a lung. hope you all start feeling better soon.

Friday, January 18

nobody likes a goodbye

last day with the ortiz/mazzacco/sheehy families at the cabin/chalet in big white, canada. to recap:

1. everyone's sick but me
2. i fell in the shower on tuesday
3. we've played scrabble and cards and watched a few movies (well i fell asleep)
4. had a big spill yesterday - hurt my knee and threw up breakfast on the trail
5. everyone's sick but me

tonight we're going to try and fit in: ice skating, a sleigh ride, drinks and packing - unlikely.

oh and prior to this trip i was in seattle/ bellingham for lukes wedding. fun times. good to see everyone and stirred up old feelings of capn' kenos (sad).

im NOT looking forward to returning to denver. so far not so good. although some friends of friends are coming to town.... i'll hope for the best. tascha will (hopefully) be picking me up at the airport, and staying for 10 days (more to come).