Monday, January 26

man on wire

woke up late this morning (its monday but its really my sunday and i needed to catch up/ rest up since ive been going and going for over a week now, and im going to be going for the rest of this week) and watched man on wire. documentaries can be gripping/lame - this one had my full attention, i dont even wanna tell about it - just watch it, its GREAT.

Thursday, January 22

people are still selling, wish i were buying

i love having note cards on hand for thank you's, congradulations', (im sorry's), or just hello's. if i could find an affordable set of this card - you'd all recieve one, but $5 per card is just pushing it.

and how RAD are these boot accessories. also not affordable in this crummy economy.

Tuesday, January 20

mlk wkd

i love tuesdays because new music and movie rentals come out, but this tuesday has been overwhelming;
1. bon iver, blood bank - ep
2. matt and kim, grand
3. coconut records, davy
4. animal collective, merriweather post pavillion

in other news: this weekend was fun. an old east coast friend came to town so we started at starlight - my favorite lounge/restaurant in san diego (complete with cream of nettle soup - very interesting), where we had a mule or two. then went to THE GETTY (my first trip) and my only regret was not going sooner. such an amazing place and the weather was perfect. next was india palace - good eating. then jojo took us to her secret spot which happens to be just a few blocks from my apartment - scary but really fun. we all headed up to north county for a late long breakfast. later on went to madison and jasons who were very hospitable (thank you) and then to eman and jorge's welcome home/ housewarming party. yesterday to the del for a pina colada and to splash around in the tide pools, cruised by sunset cliffs and then bbq'd at the pranges - it all felt like summer to me, it was great and im exaughsted.

Friday, January 16

i NEED this

new unattainable find

i just found this brand ivana helsinki that i love. dr scholls with tall socks, billowy tops, well fitting dresses are some highlights. check out the website (i suggest turning off the music, itll give you the major creeps when a russian man starts talking - trust me).

Thursday, January 15


last night i went to sleep so excited to wake up and lounge around my new place. EVERYDAY this past 3 weeks has been full of errands, commitments etc... but this morning it involved a cup of english breakfast, a carrot muffin, and my bathrobe. i really really love it here. i had some major doubts just after moving in (what am i doing down here, is this place safe, have i gotten in over my head?) but its all finally coming together and feeling like mine. my favorite things about living where i do:

1. super tall ceilings and old wooden floors
2.walking to bread and cie green kitchen wall
4.walks with molly and nut
5.having friends stop in on weekdays

needless to say there is still plenty of organization to do and character to add. jojo passed along this idea to paint my doors red (on the inside) and im really liking this whole layout, which is surprisingly similar to my apartment. (photo clip from HERE)

Thursday, January 8

blog about blogs

so lets face it, EVERYONE has a blog. i have a blog which really brings it down to "everyone" cause i have nothing to write about.... im a nurse so half the stories id like to tell are too graphic or because of HIPAA i cant get into details, i have three hobbies (knitting, movie watching and procrastinating) which arent always worthy of blogging about, BUT i have one anyhow.... for some reason.

a friend recently showed me this blog which ive bookmarked and check everyday. why? she likes what i like - reese and jake, portland, decorative but useful hooks, and other rad stuff. so check it out. if i had a "support" section of this blog, a cup of jo would be under it.

other news: (back to my lame hobbies) i saw marley and me today. i cried - pretty hard. i miss jack like youd miss a leg. that dog got me through my teen years which were pretty tumultuous ill tell you.... he always knew just what not to say. and when (if youve seen the movie) owen wilson lays next to him on the rug in front of the fire, i think my heart broke a little (jack loves to warm his belly by the fire and get big hugs around the middle). so i miss you buddy. you'll be 11 this year which is pretty darn amazing considering i remember missing a day of seventh grade to stay home with my new puppy like it was yesterday.

Sunday, January 4

please visit

okay so this is belated. but ive moved. this is my 7th apartment ever, and 3rd move of the year (2008). im barely settled in, the walls are super empty, im working with mismatched everything, BUT it feels good, i mean GOOD, to be out on my own again. i want to say a huge thank you to those friends who a) helped me move, b) helped me break this place in and c) keep coming over to hang out, which makes this house feel like a home. so to the rest of you - come visit! ive got a variety of teas (cups AND saucers) and would love hear your ideas about what to do with this place.